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Pledge Payments
You can make your pledge payments in any of the following ways:

Electronic payment directly from your bank. You can also set up recurring automatic payments.

E-Giving direct debit arrangement through a service used by GRCC and many other churches. Automatic recurring payments can be set up here as well. It's easy! Just click on the link at the right of this page

Mail a check directly to the church at the address shown above. Please indicate "pledge payment" on your check.

Offertory payments at the Sunday worship service (envelopes will be provided).

Please consider setting up recurring monthly or quarterly automatic payments through either of the first two payment methods described above. This way you will not have to remember to make payments and you will be helping us anticipate and control cash flow.

Antiques Show Donations
Information about the sponsor levels and how to make donations to the Antiques Show (including online donations) is found on the Antiques Show website.
Other Donations
Other donations, such as memorial gifts, can be made by check or electronic payments from your bank. Please include the reason for your donation so we can record it appropriately.

For information about making donations in any other manner, such as in shares of stock or other real property, please contact the church office at 973-743-5596.
Thank You for Your Generosity!
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